Call Tracking

Makes connecting valid customers to your business as simple as clicking a button. This product is extremely versatile and provides great benefits for both your business as well as your customers. Your customer can simply click on the “Click to Call” button, enter their phone number, and in just a few seconds receive a toll-free call from your business directly to the number they entered. The benefits of using a Call Tracking for your business is that with "Click to Call" we can record & track all of the calls coming in through the “Click to Call” system. You can log in to your admin panel and go through the details of the calls at your convenience.

Click to Call:

Customers can simply click a button and connect directly to your Business to make an appointment or ask any questions they may have. When a customer navigates to your website from a search engine, instead of displaying your office number, we provide a click to call option. When a customer clicks the call to action our team designs for you, a small box will appear for the customer to enter their phone number.

Call Tracking:

We provide a simple dashboard for our clients to track and listen to all of the incoming calls for their office. Our dashboard organizes the calls so you can see exactly where each call is coming from; whether it is SEO, Social Media, or a direct call to your office. The length of each call is listed as well and there is a graph display of how many calls you have received each day.

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