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Siva Solutions Inc. has a team of diverse experts who are committed to helping people reach new heights through innovation and technology. Strategies are employed to determine business problems, analyze the best-suited solutions, and develop state-of-the-art technologies that thrust our clients to the forefront. Through our collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness at various levels of business processes, allow the segments that we partner with, to remain one step ahead, above the rest.

Our team is always there for professionals of every kind. Be it the ones searching for a spark to kick-start growth or the ones struggling to be on board the cut-throat competition—our expertise and immense support are always easily accessible. We also love to care of our clients who are enthused as well as passionate about serving their prized customers. Or cater to the ones, who like their business a tad bit organized, desiring a smooth level of functioning in their practice.

The search for newer ways to counter practice problems is always on the lookout and our team of talented experts is always on their toes to deliver the best. So take a look at how we change the lives of practitioners and professionals with our resourceful products and services.

Digital Marketing: We are in the digital marketing game just so that our client’s businesses can win big. Techniques and tactics are adopted to build brand consciousness in the minds of the public. The weapons we use to break the internet are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and social media optimization.

Siva Forms (Secure Online Forms): The secret to easy management of customer data is through our Siva Forms. These HIPAA compliant, online secure forms are customizable according to our clientele practice process. Customer information can be organized smartly; it can be filled-up while they are in their homes comfortably, and feedback can be obtained promptly. All this and more is possible when practitioners partner with us.

Custom Website Plug-ins: We believe that nobody should get left behind. And so we build disabled-friendly custom website plug-ins that enhance the user experience of the differently-abled.

Patient Education Videos: Nothing so greatly captures the attention than when something is in motion. The field of dentistry has a lot of explaining to do before a patient opts for a procedure. Hence, our patient education videos on various dentistry procedures, impart education to them which ultimately assures and helps them to make informed decisions.

App Development: We have a team of technical geeks savvy enough to develop great apps that help dentists in the smooth functioning of their practice. To bridge technological hurdles, an app that allowed for easy use of patient education videos made a breakthrough in the dental field. So if you have any great idea which can leverage your business, do share it with us. We’ll be glad to help you out.

Call Tracking and Recording: When it comes to dealing with patient information, we have a handy tool that dentists can use. Our third party call tracking and recording feature helps in displaying call duration, recording conversations and pinpointing the exact location of the call so that marketing strategies over the internet can be optimized.

Custom Website Design: We create websites that suit the tastes of our clients. Custom-made features, designs and content resonate well with their philosophies, services, team and brand image. Not only this; everything is adapted to the latest trend in marketing—responsive technologies. Also, our SEO-friendly techniques manage to make their websites to the top, and their requests for unlimited website changes are always welcome.

We create products that go beyond your expectations. Hence our customized websites do much more than just make your presence felt online. It’s an all-comprehensive tool with embedded features like call tracking & recording, customer leads, secure online forms, and website plug-ins, designed to achieve efficiency in your business process. All in all, we give you something more than what you wish for.

The technology we make for dentists is much simplified. That’s why they love us. One such stand-alone platform that simplifies lives is Dental Hub since it’s easy to use and is a great timesaver. It can be embedded into the client website for easy management. What makes it special is that it integrates valuable data such as patient leads, patient filled-up forms (Siva Forms) and call tracking information into one comprehensive and secure platform which is nothing but Dental Hub, allowing professionals to fetch patient data in one go.

Personalized Virtual Consultation: Easy interaction with patients who are miles away is now a reality with our virtual consultation platform, Expert Advice. Dentists can get an in-depth understanding of their patient’s problems, provide them the expert advice and win them over with patient education videos and recommended case studies. What’s more? An appointment is fixed right from the comfort of their home!

With such smart solutions, we help our clients achieve surprising results. So if an idea is stuck in your head, do let us know. With digital solutions, we will help your business grow.

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