SEO Strategy to Drive Traffic to Your Website

An SEO strategy can seem to be a complex process with a lot of interconnected parts. We understand the complexity and we also have the solution. Today, most businesses understand the importance of SEO (search engine optimization). When it comes to constructing an effective SEO strategy for the business, just creating content for the highly searched keywords isn’t enough.

Keep in mind that not every business works the same way, as a result, the SEO process for business to business may vary. With that in mind here are six steps you can consider to ensure all of your SEO bases are covered.

Niche/Market Research

A better understanding of your buyer persona is critical to a successful SEO strategy. This exercise is very essential to define your audience and competitors. This can help you with not only WHAT information your target audience search for, but also HOW they search your product/service. This will allow you to create a website that includes all the essential components required for potential customers when they visit your website.

Defining the target audience will help you what keywords to target and what content will be helpful to drive traffic to your website. Once you understand who your target audience is, it’s time to brainstorm keywords that you want your website to rank.

Keyword Research

Optimizing the website content as per the keywords is an essential SEO practice, but what if you are not using the right keywords to optimize the content for your website. This is why keyword research is very vital in order to rank your website for relevant keywords. With keyword research, you can find the actual terms that people enter in search engine.

Use the right SEO tool to list down all the keywords (depending on the search volume/popularity/difficulty) that are performing well in your niche. Depending on the researched keywords you can sort out the topics that people are interested in and create content on it.

Create and Optimize the Content for the Targeted Keywords

You now need to build content around the topics and ensure the web pages are optimized with respect to the targeted keywords and cover the topic in depth. A well-written article can serve the best solution for the questions your audience have. As more and more people like your content and the way you care about them by solving their problems, it is likely that you become a trusted source of helpful information. Search engines give more importance to sites that are liked, shared and endorsed by users and not the pages that are keyword rich.

Website Accessibility

You will want to make sure that your website is accessible and easy to navigate. Take a look at whether your website is responsive, accessible on all the devices, website speed is good and much more. Making your website accessible can serve a larger customer base and can help you boost the organic search rankings.

Link Building

Having good content on your website is not enough to rank higher in the search engine. A link to your web page acts a vote and is considered a positive sign for your website. Link building is a primary objective of SEO and has remained a huge factor in how a search engine ranks your website. Dedicate some time to find ways how you can attract links to your website. Don’t just limit yourself just sharing articles on social media.

Pro-tip to attract links is to consistently contribute content (be it articles, videos, audio others) which can solve problems. Share your thoughts on the current trend or news and continually add value to your audience, this can get you linked from the industry influencers or bloggers.

Measure your results

As you are producing content and building links to your website you will want to track how well your content is working. Measuring the results will give you an idea of what is working and how you can make the thing better. You need to be monitoring how well everything is running so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

You have to understand that SEO definitely takes time, as a result, have patience and track the results to recognize your success as well as identify areas of opportunity.


You can see how successful an effective SEO strategy can be if you consider all of these things while you are working on your website.

  • Niche/Market Research (Define Your Audience and competitors)
  • Keyword Research (also check where your competitors are ranking)
  • Build and optimize the content for the targeted keywords
  • Website Accessibility
  • Link Building
  • Measure your results

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