3 Reasons why website fails

In a market-driven world, promotion of sales and brand visibility is not just closely, but at times, solely tied to one's website. Profit, growth of consumers and brand name flourishment, being number one agendas in mind, are the key to understanding the vehicle for improving brand popularity. The website, an integral part of marketing strategy, must be designed and managed with perfection. Here's how:


It is not a shocker that a paralyzed page could affect your business by driving away potentially interested customers. Since it's established and that one's website is an integral part of their growing business, it is essential to ensure that the very core isn't giving the proprietor a hard time. 


Take a webpage image for instance. Surely, a graph or a promoting clip would be crucial in creating a brand identity. Potential customers are surely not going to wait around due to the website's lack of optimized images eating their valued time. It would be safe to state that the speed of a website is directly proportional to marketability.

SEO poison

Google uses a complex algorithm to rank a website. One of them is based on the time spent by a user and personal ratings—two things that are directly related to the quality of the website. Yawning websites are prone to lower user satisfaction. You snooze, you lose.

To ensure your website is credited with a good SEO rank, we the team of Siva Solutions Inc. guarantee your website inclusion on the first page, and if not, it's refundable! Their extensive knowledge and expertise with a qualified team will reassure the low probability of a company webpage's collision with the above-mentioned barriers.


Secondary treatment: Website designers are obsessed with the creative visual experience which is not wrong because the primary content and presentation are the deciding customer-drawing factors. The issue arises when accessibility is treated as a marginal marker. Web constructors fail to realize that the functionality of their website is bound by both the convenient utilization of their services as well as the presentation of it. For an instance, if a dentist’s website is considered, the success of a website can be determined by its compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This compliance leads to higher user satisfaction and hence a better SEO rank. Structuring websites that are non-compliant to the ADA would send out one undesirable message—favoring one type of interested customers (the abled) over another, thus driving many potential customers to competitors.

Siva Solutions Inc. understands the importance of ADA compliance, on a personal level. They go the extra mile to develop custom website plug-ins to enable easy access to the disabled. Not just that, their products and services allow simple and effortless handling along with easy comprehension of offers and handling methods.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO runs parallel with visibility and if one's brand is foggy, its viewers aren't going to run through the pains of getting their eyes checked.

Clarity: A brand's identity can be enlarged through optimization. Simply put, customer needs and company motives can be effortlessly converged by improving visibility through optimization.

Populous audience - A website's climb-up-the-rank ladder can attract more customers. The rise in traffic pushes the number of visitors and potential buyers, and voila! Your sales have already improved.

Authenticity and Validity - Discovering one's company through increased visibility provided by a good SEO rank portrays it as reliable and valid. The preconceived positive notion about the brand is a sure-fire for a customer's return and subscription.

Don't be selfless - A well-optimized company benefits from high-user experience and visibility, while their competitors witness eviction. That's right, one site's success is another one's loss.

For this purpose alone, a salesperson must ensure his website's sensitivity to SEO. How to earn SEO points:

  1. Authenticity - The lack of which would topple the quality of one's content. A low quality, low SEO and dying recognition is a recipe for a failed business.
  2. Diversify - Between devices, do not optimize according to a specific type of device. That could cost a website, its users.
  3. Pull these image optimization tricks out of your sleeve: 
    • Create images with a sitemap - to add titles, caption and license.
    • Avoid cookies - since it may slow down the image-loading speed
    • No plagiarism - Google images and copy-paste are pure wallet burners
    • Alt tag - Fill an alternative tag for images keeping in mind not to overly optimize
  4. Online communication - Maintain connectivity by responding to user comments. Show them that managers do value their user's responses.

Siva Solutions Inc. crosses the SEO-friendly requirement off the checklist helping their client websites to rank on search engines. Client responses are accordingly responded to and the team is open to customizing client websites according to wants and needs. What's more, their services come with ADA compliance—an integral factor in broadening visibility.

WEBSITE FAILURE - It's now time for a reality check

From bad designs to difficulty getting around the page layout, these website failures should act as a reminder that a webpage cannot be shabbily managed.

  • Absence of attractive features; vaguely described services and products; and a messy page that kills easy navigation all cooks up to a buried website. Those with untidy and bland brick-like graphics get marked as a poorly designed website by various webpage critics. Those webpages that are aesthetically displeasing will wear out navigation, have an overload of texts, graphics will fail to cooperate with the business values and lastly, there will be no Call-to-Action whatsoever.
  • Badly displayed web designs - If graphics and animations, a crucial caller for customers, are misused, overused and in some cases, not at all used, then the web design could fail.
  • Badly displayed web designs - If graphics and animations, a crucial caller for customers, are misused, overused and in some cases, not at all used, then the web design could fail.

Afraid of your website not making it to the top? Save it today! Siva Solutions Inc. provides you with easy optimization of web pages and designs with our experienced team to battle and avoid the above possibilities which could slow your progress towards success. 

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