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If you got my last email or read our blog then you got the chance to implement the Golden Nuggets we released the last chance and today I want to bring you some more. Even though the internet has been around for 20 years I found out that a lot of business owners still do not know the basics of online marketing. So I want to outline that for you’re here below but before doing that I want to let you know a little of how the internet works: It’s vital to understanding the bigger picture of the internet.

The internet went private on On 6 August 1991, so that makes it 28 years old. It is sometimes hard to believe it has been 28 years old already. We have had generations that have always known of the internet. So with that being said its time business owners to understand and know how to use it for their business. In order for someone to find something on the internet they usually go to Google, Bing, Yahoo or some major platform or website but these are some of the major ones, depend on where you are in the world. I am going to talk mostly about Google it is the most common one people use and the one that most people are familiar with. What is Google even classified as it’s a search engine, a search engine is a website that is like the dictionary or an Encyclopedia a platform that categories all these different kinds of information and websites that are floating in space somewhere. Without it, we would be like the dark web not now where you are and where you are going. So Google is crafting the platform that makes sense of the internet and can give you anything you ask it. So with know that being said my bottom line is a business owner must know How to use Google to help build and or grow your business. If you are a sales person or even some kind of marketing rep then you should really know the in’s and the out’s of how Google really works. Not just Google but all the major platforms and outlets that we use for today’s online marketing. Below are 10 Golden Nuggets that can help you grow your business:

Social Media:

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube. Again these are just some these are some there are plenty more but again the major ones. Mostly used for branding and to grow your audience really fast. Must be active to see results.

Google Adwords:

A paid version of Good ad’s on Google search engine. You pay Google for every click they drive to your website . Cost per click can sometimes get expensive so must really know what you are doing here.

SEO Search Engine Optimization:

Platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com these are called search engines and you must do what they want you to do to get listed on their websites on the 1st page of Google. Must be on the 1st page to see the best results. Can be achieved with very little money but does take a lot of time to do.

Blogging / Press Releases:

Writing in a article format about your business on a platform like your website, or on another website online.

Reputation Management/Reviews/Business directories:

These are websites like Angies list, yelp, mantra, Google business ,yellow pages, Citysource.com foursquare, there many more as well but give you an idea.

Email Marketing:

This is content that you control. You really can’t control all aspects of the other marketing meaning if something happens to Google, Facebook, Instagram, or some other platform then you may lose all your presence all at once. But email marketing is grown by you getting emails, names, etc. using that info to send them more info about you and your company. No matter what no one can take this away from you. You control all aspects of this kind of marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

Having a program where you give commission to people who want to share your business to a friend, family, or any really anyone who they might feel needs our services.

Video Marketing:

content you control small clips of you talking about your business and making offers, tips, or just entertain people through a video or series of videos they watch. Can be pre-maid and even live clips with Facebook live or Youtube live etc.


Getting other people with a good following to share your business with his/her followers. Usually give influencer free product to show off product to his/hers followers.

Voice Optimization:

Built for Cortana, Siri or products like alexa, so they can find what they are looking for when the person speaking into their phone.

Your Own Website:

Your own platform that you let others know about you and your business, organization, or any message that you want to share to the world then you can create a website for yourself for really anything you want for.

These are the major players with the major platforms right now when it come to online marketing but it is not limited to these there are many more we can go into but will not at this time to. This will give you idea of what your options are and where to start. I like to talk about building a solid foundation for online marketing and then maximizing it with the other platforms. My best recommendation is start with your Website and learning how to get that website on the 1st page of Google high in the maps section or at least in the organic search results for your local area or even whole entire state or nation depend on how much you want to grow. Again this will build a solid foundation for your marketing and will be able to maximize your whole entire website and all the other marketing you decide to do as well.

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