What Makes A Great Website for Your Business or Company?

When creating your website there are a lot of things that you want to consider before starting to create your website. I have outlined about 13 things that you want to look into before considering building a new website. Before I go into the main points I want you to get an idea of my reasoning’s and my approach. At the end of the day your website is one of the most important things for your business and at the end of the day it can literally make you a lot of money or if done wrong not make you any money. A lot of business owners to this day still do not understand this, especially small business owners. As your business grows, business owners learn and understand how important their website and their online marketing really is to getting their business to grow and take that next step.

My approach is about making sense. Not forgetting about having a human connection with others, building credibility, offering a service or services that are unique and leaving your customers with an experience that they will remember for a long time. So the points that I am about to outline for you do just that. As technology changes, strategies change, the basics will never change. If you can remember that, then you will be able to adapt as technology changes. It’s just about relaying that message through a website or any new form of technology. Your Website should be able to tell your story in an engaging way. Below are outlined 15 Golden Nuggets that no one will tell you about. If you can do these you will be ahead of the game.

  • Have a Hook or Hooks, some call them Punch lines, or many highlights – If you ask me everything you say should be a highlight or a punch line or a Hook. This is what helps getting your users to continue finding out more about you.
  • Have a great Logo: With a Slogan which should be a Hook, punch Line, or a highlight. When your users remember you they should think of your Logo and Slogan. Think of Apple or Nike or any big corporation they all have this.
  • Your website should be easy to navigate - If things are to find your users will just leave and go on to the next.
  • Have a Call To Action like Call today, Make an Appointment, Get your Free estimate, Buy Now, Etc. - Think of what is the purpose of your website what do you want your visitors and users to do by going to your website. Call to actions should be at the top, The middle of the Page, and even towards the bottom of all pages your website.
  • Third Party Reviews – Reviews that are on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or any other online platform besides your website. This creates trust and credibility. Reviews that are on your website that you put on there without any point of reference are not engaging because people might think that you simply just made them up and put them up there.
  • Create A Sense of Urgency – Maybe a limited special or offer, a Bonus, or something to get someone to take action.
  • Have the highest forms of Security for you website – Now days anyone can get any info online so making sure that your customers private info is safe and secure will help you build trust
  • Should be mobile Friendly – Your website should be able to be viewed on all platforms like phones, tablets, Ipads, and all computers (MAC & PC)
  • Provide a Special or Promotion of some sort and change it up every month, or every so often change it up and get creative on creating new ones. Again this creates a sense of urgency to take action today.
  • We all have a story to share. Use your story to connect with others and humanize yourself to others.
  • Make your website accessible to all even people with disabilities ( Please read about the American Disability Act)
  • Know your customer or target market: Do more of what they love about you and your business.
  • Let your users know what to expect by going into your store or using your services. If you can do this through a video can be really powerful
  • Have a Contact Form on every page of your website. Again make it easy for your users to contact you and give several ways on how they can connect with you.

Now you have it. If you can remember these points you are ahead of the game. I am afraid to tell you that even though you know about them it’s still not enough. Now days you still have to know how to implement these points for your business. I will leave you with these tidbits of Golden Nuggets and keep an eye out for our next blog post, email, or video we do for you all.

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