How to Get Found on Google?

I would be lying to you if I told you it would be easy to get found on the 1st page of Google. So if you want to be found in your local area and or getting recognized nationwide it’s going to take some work and time for you to start seeing the magic start to happen. Getting your brand or your local small business found on Google will be rewarding experience but just like anything in life we have to plant the seeds, build a foundation, and be willing to spend time on all online marketing strategies and techniques.

I want you to keep in mind that just having the will to work hard is not going to ensure you have success with your search engine optimization campaign. You need to work smart and have a plan with everything that you do.

I hope these tips and these golden nuggets will be enough to start pointing you in the right direction.

  • Website, Blog, or Both: Have seo friendly platform and know how Google wants you to structure your website or blog so you know how to outline your website and blog
  • Keywords: Short or Long tail keywords. Have a plan short and long term plan.
  • Content: Always add content, articles, promotions, etc. to your blog and keep in mind that you have to know how much your competitions are doing as well.
  • Create Good, credible, trustworthy, back links
  • Be active on social media: Post frequently, good to run ads as well. Make sure pages are optimized. Share content, make sure you are active as well and respond back in timely manners to inquires as well. Build your brand online. Have a plan for each platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also have alternative social media platforms as well. Like medium and Gab.
  • Optimize all business directories related to your business: Ensure they are credible online and trustworthy. These are pages with your business info on them like Yelp, Google business page, yellow pages, white pages, etc.
  • Earn Good Reviews: Get Reviews on several online outlets and respond back as well to reviews as well.
  • Learn Off Page SEO: like these Write guest blog posts, Reach out to influencers, Comment on other blogs, Join online communities, Repurpose content into videos put it on Youtube.

Here you have it, if you follow these steps you will find yourself on your way to start ranking eventually. Again seems like it is a lot and it is but if you decide, to start do a little bit everyday you will eventually accomplish your goal. So with that being said if you don’t have the time to do this. Then you need to consider if you want someone to do this on your behalf. If your busy running your business then you probably won’t have the time to spend on this then at that point it might be a smart choice to let someone else manage your SEO campaign.

When it comes to being found on Google, things are always changing as soon as you feel you found your groove. Google goes and throws a curve ball at you and changes things up with Google’s algorithm. With that being said then keep in mind you will always have to keep evolving with it as Google evolves as well.

By monitoring your ranking and all the data you get back from your Google analytics account on regular basis you can learn to make changes and which changes to make in order for you to reach your goals.

I will leave you with these tidbits of golden nuggets and keep an eye out for my next blog post, email, or video.

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