How To Market Your Small Business For Free ?

It is not a surprise that smaller businesses have to work harder to earn revenue when their resources to implement business strategies are on the lower end. Hence, the adoption of techniques that refrain from troubling the wallet while simultaneously providing the best customer outreach and reputation is the ideal strategy.

Creating a powerful website

The online space is rapidly advancing and customer traffic is determined by the quality of web design. Is the website optimized for Google? Are all the features mobile responsive? Is the website visually appealing with easy-to-use features? Smaller businesses can manage basic optimization techniques such as keyword usage, easy-to-read URLs and quality content, free of cost along with aesthetic factors like page layout designs and website designs that are not overly done but fit well with the content.

Since small businesses are new in the domain, they may require expert guidance to ensure their competitors aren't overshadowing their efforts. At Siva Solutions, we ensure that you have SEO-friendly websites for better search engine visibility, impressive client response time, and ADA compliance along with call tracking integration services to prepare your websites to face the competition with confidence.

Encourage online reviews

Sometimes, the review flow towards bigger and capital-driven companies, resulting in very less appearance for smaller companies. The difficulty of the competition can be tackled by the following methods, which yes are absolutely free!

  • Creating an email campaign: Subscribers are always ready to give online reviews if they are personally asked to do so
  • Physical requests: Business cards, product stickers or storefront messages are the different ways to attract the customer's attention towards performing the act
  • Simply acknowledging every review made online
  • Popularizing good reviews by sharing them
  • Prominent the positive reviews, better is the customer flow rate

Better presence on social media platforms

Business runners know the perks of a good social media presence. Unfortunately, this only adds to the social media visibility competition. To tackle larger competitors and their effects on the multiple available social platforms, you would require a few key steps that won't let the wallet budge:

  • Goals and objectives must be well-established along with a good outline of the target audience and the most suitable social platform
  • Interact well with potential customers of targeted demography to portray oneself as an individual with good social and engagement skills
  • Understanding the needs and problems of audiences and providing services that fulfill these needs at the right time is a great way to make your business seem appealing

At Siva Solutions, social media trust establishment, brand awareness, and better visitor outreach are guaranteed with a well-thought-out SEO plan . Just give the team a call to discuss an outline of the plan and a perfectly doable social media marketing plan would be on the go!

Guest blogging

Business start-ups write for other known websites to establish a reputation and gain a considerable amount of visibility. The main intention of guest bloggers, especially those in newer businesses, is to invite more customer traffic, provide backlinks to authoritative websites thereby showing their value of credibility and to build better relationships with renowned industries as a support mechanism. Small businesses require a minimal amount of guidance and by pairing up with experienced marketing teams, they are not only exposing themselves to their specific audience but are also learning new methods of thought leadership and market tactics.

Email marketing

The knowledge about email marketing is vast and its benefits to all marketers out there are well-known. It is hence important for budding businesses to note down the best email marketing methods to stand out from every business that is attempting to establish a sense of worth to their customers.

  • Utilize conversions through email marketing: While it's important to focus on website launch and design, some energy must be put into email marketing, since it ensures a higher rate of interested individuals getting converted into customers. Build relationships starting with a simple sign up button that will help collect customer information.
  • Cut costs by going solo: Sometimes, websites cost a fortune and businesses without websites are unheard of. Yet, simply acing email marketing connectivity can help grow the business. Creating a simple landing page online that leads customers to basic company info and email connectivity can boost business by a significant amount.
  • Brand awareness: Emails have the option to forward and forwarding to peers and other known individuals help gain further visibility. Including a call-to-action button, prompting to forward emails is a costless way to do the simple trick!

Despite this easily doable list of free marketing ideas, at times it becomes difficult for an early-stage company to invest in the existing resources for marketing as well. We are a results-driven digital marketing agency that helps small businesses thrive. We at Siva Solutions are ready to assist you and help your small business grow by using our experience and expertise. Do contact us to know more.

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